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Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck at Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore and Dubai top Toyota Hilux Dealer and Exporter Toyota Hilux is world’s best selling pickup truck. This is only because of its superb performance, good looks, quality of its manufacturing high resale value but also because of its indstructibility. Top Gear Toyota Hilux has proven […]

2-KD Diesel D-4D 2500 cc Engine Toyota Hilux Toyota Fortuner

2KD-FTV ENGINE FOR 2500 CC 2.5 L TOYOTA HILUX VIGO, Toyota FortuneR Most Vigo 2500 cc models come with a 2KD-FTV engine. It is a 16 valve Common Rail, Direct Injection Turbo DOHC Diesel Engine. Its specifications are:- Type: 2.5 liter 4 cylinder D4-D diesel Displacement: 2494 Bore x Stroke: 92 x 93.8mm Compression ratio: 18.5 to 1 Horse […]

1-KD Diesel D-4D 3000 cc Engine Toyota Hilux Toyota Fortuner Toyota Prado

1KD-FTV ENGINE FOR 3000 CC TOYOTA HILUX VIGO, 3000 CC TOYOTA FORTUNER AND 3000 CC TOYOTA PRADO This versatile engine was introduced in 2003 in the then new Toyota Prado and is now a part of 3.0 Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Hiace and Toyota’s best selling SUV Toyota Fortuner. Its specifications are: Bore x Stroke: 97.0 x 103.0 mm Displacement: […]

Buy Cheap used Toyota Hilux

Buy Cheap used Toyota Hilux Jim is world’s used Toyota Hilux and new Toyota Hilux 2013 top exporter. Our prices are always cheapest. Whether your choice is second-hand Hilux SR5 from Australia, 2nd hand Hilux from Singapore, used hilux Vigo from Thailand, used LHD Hilux from Dubai or Hilux Invincible from United Kingdom Jim is […]

Toyota D 4D Engine

D4-D Diesel Engine 1KD-FTV and 2KD-FTV in Toyota Hilux, Toyota Prado, TOyota Fortuner Toyota’s legendary Diesel engine D4D engine is a feat of engineering marvel. What makes Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Fortuner outstanding is this D4D engine. The secret of the Toyota D-4D’s outstanding performance is an electronic control unit ECU that […]

Commonrail in Toyota D-4D Engine

COMMONRAIL in D-4D Engine All internal combustion engines need two key ingredients to operate: air and fuel. The precise delivery of these ingredients is what makes clean and powerful combustion possible. If you can get a large amount of air pumped in you increase the power of the engine and if you get large amount […]

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