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Import Policy in India

India Import Policy Passenger cars/jeeps/multi utility vehicles, etc., which are in the restricted category may be imported without a licence on payment of full Customs duty by the following categories of importers: (a) Individuals coming to India for permanent settlement after two year’s continuous stay abroad; (b) Resident Indians presented with a car as an […]

India Valuation and Import Duty

India Valuation and Car IMport Duty The value of the car is determined in the following manner: i) Manufacturer’s invoice value is accepted wherever such invoice is available. ii) When no such invoice is available, value is determined on the basis of the world car catalogues available with the department or on the basis of […]

Cars For Sale India

India cars for sale, India 4WD pick-up for sale, India SUV for sale at Thailand, Australia, UK and Dubai top new used car dealer and exporter By Jack Kates Information about India The Republic of India, Asia’s second-top country after China, fills the major part of the South Asian subcontinent (which it shares with Pakistan, […]

How much it will cost to import a vehicle in India

How much it will cost to import a car in India The total Customs duty cost on cars comes to around 181%. The total effective duty works out to 101.656% which includes the following: BASIC CUSTOMS DUTY 35% SPECIAL CUSTOMS DUTY 10% ADDITIONAL DUTY 40% (16% CENVAT + 24% SPECIAL EXCISE DUTY*) M.V.CESS 0.125% SPECIAL […]

Who can bring a car in India

Who can bring a car into India The total Customs duty incidence on cars comes to around 181%. The car can only be imported if you are transferring residence into India, the engine capacity is less than 1600 cc (for new cars – there is no engine size limit for old and used cars) and […]

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