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How to import cars in Malawi

How to import cars in Malawi By Jack Kates It is actually quite easy to import cars in Malawi. It is a Right Hand Drive and there is no restriction on how old a vehicle may be imported in and no Road Worthy inspection required. In the past all kinds of junks were imported in […]

Car Import Duty in Malawi

Taxes and Duties on used vehicles By Jack Kates Due to high import taxes, importation of vehicle in Malawi is quite high. In 2010, an excessive excise duty was also added, this has doubled the cost of used vehicles and in some cases making newer vehicles more affordable. This in a country where monthly salary […]

Station Wagon Import Excise Rate in Malawi

Taxes and Duties on used vehicles By Jack Kates VARIATION OF IMPORT EXCISE RATES ON SALOONS/STATION WAGONS Many people import saloons or station wagons but do not know that excise rates for such vehicles vary depending on the year the vehicle was manufactured and the engine size. Below is, therefore, a table that illustrates how […]

Cars For Sale Malawi

Malawi cars for sale, Malawi 4WD pick-up for sale, Malawi SUV for sale at Thailand, Australia, UK and Dubai top new used car dealer and exporter By Jack Kates Information about Malawi A landlocked country in southeastern Africa, Malawi (formerly Nyasaland) has an area of 118,480 sq km (45,745 sq mi), of which 24,400 sq […]

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