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Tanzania Car Import Regulations

Car Import Regulation in Tanzania Used cars are shipped to the port of Dar Es Salaam to be imported in Tanzania and no restriction on how old a vehicle that may be imported but additional excise duty is applied on older vehicles Only Right hand steering allowed (Specialist vehicles as ambulance and fire engine may […]

High Quality Vehicles at Lowest Prices in Thailand, Australia, UK, Dubai, USA, Japan and Singapore

Highest Quality cars, pickup trucks, SUV, MPV, vans, minibus, trucks and buses at cheapest prices are always on sale in the world at Jim Autos – Thailand Car exporter, Australia Car Exporter, Japan Car Exporter, Dubai Car Exporter, Singapore Car Exporter, Hong Kong Car Exporter and United States/Canada Car Exporter. Since our founding in 1911 […]

Shipping and Exporting to Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas and Pacific

Jim exports full range of Right hand drive and Left hand drive new and used vehicles to over 100 countries of the world in Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas and Oceania. No matter which vehicle or equipment you require, be it classic, exotic, antique cars, pickup trucks, Sport Utility Vehicle SUV, Multipurpose vehicle MPV, vans, minibus, […]

Fast and Safe Delivery of Vehicles to Hundreds of ports

Jim does not make you wait for your vehicle. We have shortest processing time of any exporter. We obtain your vehicles quickly, get export documentation quickly, get vehicles to the port quickly, get the earliest departing shipment and get Bill of Lading and other export documentations to you pronto. Delivery can be a time consuming […]

Taxfree Car Sales Export to Individuals, NGO, Governments, Militaries, Diplomats and Dealer

Jim is taxfree sales exporter and dealer. We are Thailand taxfree Car sales exporter, Dubai UAE taxfree Car sales exporter, Japan taxfree Car sales exporter,  Australia taxfree Car sales exporter, United Kingdom taxfree Car sales exporter and United States taxfree Car sales exporter. Taxfree exports to Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas We offer you full range of new […]

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